New Eddy Story!

Eddy is excited to announce his first short story 'Eddy Private Eye' is now available to read and enjoy. Please scroll down this page to Eddy Shorts and click on the link to download the free PDF. We would love to know what you think.

We continue to be delighted by the wonderful photos, comments and positive Amazon reviews since Eddy Finds a Family was launched.

There seems to be a real buzz in The Flamingo Family Facebook group as I announce new merchandise and book ideas. People are always welcome to join.

The top ideas for the second book title are:

Eddy Makes a Nest, Eddy Feels at Home

Eddy Settles at Home, Eddy Comes Home

I appreciate everyone’s ideas and engagement. Please keep them coming.




An engaging and sensitively written book

I have an author signed copy of the hardback book and I love it. It is colourful and engaging, brightly illustrated and sensitively written. It offers a heartwarming story about the adoption of Eddy the Emu. It covers the topics of biological parents, social workers, foster carers and adoptive parents which will enable children to identify with their own adoption story. The book will aid useful discussion and questions on the subject of adoption for all children.

Lorna Vyse

A fantastic, well told story

I was lucky enough to get a signed hardback copy of this book. As an adoptive parent myself, I found this to be a beautifully crafted tale of adoption that will help many children who are on an adoption journey themselves. The colourful artwork brings the characters to life and will help children engage and understand the adoption process in a simple, gentle manner.

Nick Finney

Was I lost? A wonderful insight

Eddy Finds a Family is a fantastic story about adoption. A brilliant way to show children that families are created in many different ways. The wonderfully bright illustrations bring to life the story of Eddy. It’s special as it shows how the prospective parents are feeling too. I liked how you can appreciate the role of foster carers, social workers and friends to bring a family together. This book would be a fun great addition to a school library. Hope we hear more from Eddy!

Kerry Crichton

Heartfelt and uplifting

This is such a brilliant way to share the emotional ups and downs of adoption. Brilliant writing and lovely illustrations. Lots for children to find on the pages and a gentle way to start conversations. I'm really looking forward to meeting Eddy again and learning more on future adventures.

Michael Heppell

Buy it! Kids really relate to it!

This book is amazing. Having recently adopted I was struggling to find books which mentioned adoption in a positive child friendly way. As I was reading my daughter was saying `Eddy has a foster carer like me` and `that's like me and my brother' she was genuinely excited it related to their lives. I'm so thankful for this book. I would also recommend to social workers wishing to introduce the idea of a `new family` to a child. Honestly buy it! You wont regret it!

Marie Imm