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I'm working hard on many different projects and have lots of exciting Eddy things bursting to come out. Some amazing new merchandise will be available this year and I'm working on The Flamingo Family School Pack for launch in 2024.

I'm thrilled with the support and encouragement I receive. My main aim was always to help my son understand his adoption journey, but now I see Eddy Emu, Frank & Flossy Flamingo as a way to reach out and help many other families.

If you would like to get in touch or have any ideas then I would love to hear them.

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Hello. I'm Sarah.

I'm an adoptive mummy to my beautiful son and in 2020 decided to write a book for him. I got the writing bug and also realised my story was making a difference. Roll on three years and The Flamingo Family has become so much more than a book. I want to be an adoption champion; to help parents to have the right tools and make sure all children understand adoption a little better.

The response to my first book Eddy Finds a Family was astounding and I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to launch my second Eddy Feels at Home. I love knowing my stories are touching the hearts of children and I'm passionate about helping adoptive families and giving them as much support as I can.

Writing my first book was a life changing experience. I loved every moment and each step I took made me more determined to get my story out into the world. My son is my motivator and chief editor. It means so much to be able to give him this gift.

My writing keeps me upbeat and focused. My creative side is alive and it feels great. I have big plans for The Flamingo Family and want to give Eddy wings so he can fly and be recognised in many households. I also want to encourage new writers to fulfil their dreams of creating their own book. I'm excited to be supporting many aspiring authors to fulfil their dreams. If you would like to know more about the support I can offer as a book coach then please visit Write Now Coaching.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” My favourite quote from Walt Disney.

Eddy Feels at Home


Eddy Finds a Family


Eddy's Short Stories

Eddy Goes Camping

Eddy's favourite book tells a story about a family on a camping trip. He really wants to go himself and pleads Flossy and Frank to take him to the forest. Olly Orangutan comes to the rescue.

Please click here to download Eddy Goes Camping.

Eddy Meets The Educated Pheasant

Eddy is excited to spend Christmas with his grandparents. Eddy has never seen snow before. He sets off exploring with Grandad and they come across a colourful bird who is having problems.

Please click here to download Eddy Meets The Educated Pheasant.

Eddy Loves The Seaside

Eddy has always loved the water. He decides to share his secret scrap book with Flossy and Frank as he has always dreamt of visiting the seaside. Herbie Hippo comes along to have fun.

Please click here to download Eddy Loves The Seaside.

Eddy Private Eye

One of Eddy's favourite things was fancy dress. Flossy and Frank want to celebrate an occasion with a special surprise. Join Eddy as a private eye detective and starts searching for hidden presents.

Please click here to download Eddy Private Eye.

Book Recommendations

Since becoming an author, I've been lucky enough to meet many amazing writers, who have become dear friends. I've also made great connections and feel that I have a better insight into adoption and how this may impact my son as he grows older. Below are some fantastic books that I wanted to share, giving a honest perspective of adults who were adopted.

An Adoptee's Journey

Born in the 1960s in a mother and baby home to a sixteen-year-old girl who was shunned by society and made to give her baby away.

Adopted by an opinionated couple who were constantly critical and religious hypocrites.

Follow Gaynor’s journey through the letters she has written to everyone who shared her unique story from birth, growing up, getting married, becoming a mum, being reunited with her birth family to finding peace and enjoying being a grandma. 

If you are inquisitive and enjoy learning about people’s lives or are intrigued by other people’s personal letters, this book is for you.

You can order via Gaynor's website.

Survival Without Roots

'Is there anyone out there who looks like me, talks like me and thinks like me?' As an adoptee, a birth mother and an adoptive parent, Anna Anderson tells her story with compassion, humility and grace arising from her first-hand experience of all ‘three faces’ of adoption. Set in the ‘50s and ‘60s and captures her first eighteen years after being adopted as a baby and transported to a new life in a North Yorkshire market town. What follows is the manipulation and molding of a child's personality. Anna grows up as an only child and an ‘imperfect fit’ for the ‘Mum’ who raised her. She is engulfed by constant criticism, control and complete withdrawal of love. Perfection is paramount in her Mum's eyes and displaying emotions is forbidden. Join her as she careers along the rocky road of choices towards devastating consequences that affect her life forever. Will she survive her upbringing and the grief and loss encountered along the way? A story of family conflict, resilience and determination.

Please go to Anna's website to find out more here.

This Is Me

This is my story, a harrowing account of me as a young mixed up teenager going down many wrong paths, into the darkness of drug and alcohol addiction, prostitutution and surviving more than one life-or-death moment in the midst of the madness. The book also details my encounter with Christ and the journey of a baby Christian trying to find their feet in a church where not many had come from my background.

One of the main factors I believe led me to head off down the paths I did is that I am adopted. I struggled greatly with the concept as a child, not really feeling like I fitted in anywhere, always looking for something to meet the need for connection in my life.

All of Fiona's books are available here.


This is my journey through adoption. Being looked after by grandparents then given to an Aunt who couldn’t keep me then off to an orphanage to wait on my forever family… I was adopted into a very loving family and grew up with an older brother and younger sister who belonged biologically to my parents. I struggled enormously to fit in and never thought I did. 

This book looks at the rejection, abandonment issues and lack of connection issues that I had. The book goes on to show how my connection to Christ helped me to overcome many of the issues I faced. This book also details my 33 years of infertility and yearning for children. It finishes beautifully with the arrival of Georgie when I was 50 years of age. An amazing testimony of what God can do against all the odds. 

You can find out more here.

Adoption Trauma

Adoption Trauma is very real. Had it been recognised as a thing when I was young, maybe some of my issues would have been acknowledged and worked with instead of me being labelled the naughty child.

None of us adoptees can change what happened to us but we can take steps towards healing and wholeness.

Do you want to take a step towards confidence, acceptance and well-being? This book is an inward look at my own Adoption Trauma, with some helpful insights on how I have overcome some of my issues like anger, fear and rejection.

Come and walk with me through my journey. There is always hope.

Fiona's website can be found here.

Talk about your brand

It’s natural to want to become a parent, but sometimes it’s not so simple. ‘The Bumps Ahead’ is a prospective dad’s account of the heart-wrenching highs, and sometimes devastating lows, of trying for a family when nature doesn’t take its course, and what happens when that little bundle of joy isn’t what you expected it to be. You can buy Nick's book here.

An engaging and sensitively written book

I have an author signed copy of the hardback book and I love it. It is colourful and engaging, brightly illustrated and sensitively written. It offers a heartwarming story about the adoption of Eddy the Emu. It covers the topics of biological parents, social workers, foster carers and adoptive parents which will enable children to identify with their own adoption story. The book will aid useful discussion and questions on the subject of adoption for all children.

Lorna Vyse

A fantastic, well told story

I was lucky enough to get a signed hardback copy of this book. As an adoptive parent myself, I found this to be a beautifully crafted tale of adoption that will help many children who are on an adoption journey themselves. The colourful artwork brings the characters to life and will help children engage and understand the adoption process in a simple, gentle manner.

Nick Finney

Was I lost? A wonderful insight

Eddy Finds a Family is a fantastic story about adoption. A brilliant way to show children that families are created in many different ways. The wonderfully bright illustrations bring to life the story of Eddy. It’s special as it shows how the prospective parents are feeling too. I liked how you can appreciate the role of foster carers, social workers and friends to bring a family together. This book would be a fun great addition to a school library. Hope we hear more from Eddy!

Kerry Crichton

Heartfelt and uplifting

This is such a brilliant way to share the emotional ups and downs of adoption. Brilliant writing and lovely illustrations. Lots for children to find on the pages and a gentle way to start conversations. I'm really looking forward to meeting Eddy again and learning more on future adventures.

Michael Heppell

Buy it! Kids really relate to it!

This book is amazing. Having recently adopted I was struggling to find books which mentioned adoption in a positive child friendly way. As I was reading my daughter was saying `Eddy has a foster carer like me` and `that's like me and my brother' she was genuinely excited it related to their lives. I'm so thankful for this book. I would also recommend to social workers wishing to introduce the idea of a `new family` to a child. Honestly buy it! You wont regret it!

Marie Imm