Follow your intuition

I think my intuition has been on full alert the last few months!

I do always find this an interesting subject.

What does following your intuition feel like to you?

Is it a tingle in your toes? A funny feeling in your tummy?

It is the most fascinating thing. It is like something you feel inside, but can be different for everyone. Research has shown that intuition is a real psychological process where the brain uses past experiences and patterns from the self and the environment to make a decision. And it can happen so quickly it doesn't register on a conscious level. Something that we sense that isn't quite right.

I know we often do things that we think we SHOULD do, when something deep inside us is saying no. It could be taking a job that you wasn't sure about, being offered something that you didn't trust, listening to advice that you didn't believe, having a bad feeling walking down a certain road.

That is what happened to me in January and then again last week. I'll be honest and say I generally stick to my decisions. I don't like going back on something, as I prefer to always move forward, but I have learnt over the years to follow my gut instinct as I trust it is protecting me. When I get that feeling then I really do take a step back to analyse and consider why I am feeling that way. And then when I realise what has happened make the change, as then it can feel like a huge gush of energy that comes over me. Maybe it is relief, maybe I just feel safe and in harmony again.

There is also intuition that drives us forward to do something new. We have a feel good response to something and want to see where it takes us. It is completely different to stepping out of our comfort zone as we normally feel quite worried about that. If there was a fork in the road our intuition would tell us which way to go. Again, the patterns in our normal life will be highly influential here.

I do know it is important that we recognise these feelings and don't ignore them.

Have you followed your intuition recently? What was the outcome?

I have to say the outcome of my recent decisions has given me a real sense of purpose. Like all of a sudden I can see clearly. It's a breath of fresh air and I feel lighter again.

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