Awesome August!

I do love the start of a new month. Especially when it falls on a Monday. To me a new month signifies so much. I get excited and have a zing in my step. Do you feel the same?

It feels like all of a sudden we have been given a new perspective. A new lease of life so we can start again and make this month even better than the last. We are going to achieve more, feel more confident, laugh more and tick tons off our list.

Of course this makes no sense, as today is just another Monday. But we trick our minds to thinking something is going to be different. And that is where the golden nugget is. We all of a sudden have a super power to make everything work in our favour. To think differently is huge and then our perspective does change. When we think clearer we are open to possibility and become unstuck.

Our mind then thinks that everything is awesome! I am now singing the Lego Movie tune in my head. An ear worm for sure, but you can't help smiling from ear to ear and sing along. 

How can you make August Awesome?

How can you think differently to help you change perspective?

I have decided to challenge myself to try 17 new things this month!!

That may sound a lot, but they don't have to be big things, just something different to encourage new experiences. I do have a great one planned in already, something I have always wanted to try, but kept talking myself out of doing. A helicopter ride is booked for Thursday. Yikes!

I had a great coaching session with Michael Heppell today. We talked about what I could do differently to help both my businesses. One of the main things I wanted was to stay consistent with my blogging and newsletters and post each week. I have been missing in action since April and need to commit. I enjoy doing them, always get great comments and just love sharing helpful info. 

I would love to hear what your challenges for August will be.



I’m in Sarah, today I’m going to write a list of 17 firsts and plan them into my diary. Enjoy the helicopter ride x

Ruth Adams

I want to learn how to market my book to a wider audience. Not sure how but will try to have a go at different techniques all the way through August!

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