Wow! I have written a book

Who knew lockdown would be a blessing in disguise?

One day in May 2020 I was scrolling on Facebook and found Michael Heppell’s Write That Book group and decided to join. I connected with so many wonderful and supportive people who have been my cheerleaders all the way and now become great friends. I then joined the Masterclass and it really did change my life. Interestingly I had never contemplated writing a children’s book before but then everything clicked into place, my creativity started flowing and I was thrilled to see my characters come to life.

Since adopting our son, I have always wanted to write a book about adoption. We were excited and nervous about becoming a family; but we also had the hurdle of worrying how to explain adoption to him when he was older. When we adopted there was a massive gap in the market for any good adoption books. There have certainly been some great books developed since then but I wanted to design a book that was vibrant and colourful and also had a unique story that explains both the parent/parents and child’s journey through adoption. I know from my own experience as an adoptive parent that our son often asks us - was I lost? did you find me? He is curious about our journey to meet him and I wanted to reflective that in 'Eddy Finds a Family' and show one way adoptive families come together.

I hope you enjoy my first children's book. It has been a pleasure writing it.

Have a fabulous day!



Diane Hull & Baby Bird 🐦

Hi Sarah. Congratulations! I an sure that ‘The Flamingo Family’ will be a great success! All your hard work has been worthwhile. I can’t wait to see your story in print…. in a real book! It has been a pleasure getting to know you in the ‘Write That Book’ masterclass and watching your story grow. I wish you all the very best for your launch and beyond. Diane Hull xx


Love your story and your heart for sharing a sensitive subject in such an engaging way. We don’t forget our favourite books, the ones that really impact us when we’re young. I wish you all the best and many a joyful bedtime reading for both children and parents ❤️

Christine Elizabeth

I have just ordered your book Sarah, and am really excited to see it and hold it. I have enjoyed going through the process with you – even the heart-wrenching experience of choosing the font style! Well done you! You are an inspiration.

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