Try something new - it’s liberating!

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein  

Would you like to make your day feel more fulfilling?

Creating a new memory is the way to go.

Did you know 'our brains have a tendency to compress time spent doing the same things over and over again.' Doing something new can enhance your day and even magically make it feel longer. A scientific fact apparently! Getting out of our daily routine makes this possible.

January can be a glum month for many. New Years resolutions have gone down the pan, money is a bit tight, weather is crap and everyone seems to have a cold or dreaded Covid.

So what can you do to make you feel more cheery?

It doesn't have to be a grand gesture either, it can be something straightforward.

Walk the dog/walk to work/walk to school on a different route?

Read a new book? Or even write one?

Sing in the sun? Dance in the rain?

Get out some board games and have fun with the family? 

Start a hobbie you always wanted to try?

Arrange a doorstep coffee morning with the neighbours?

Try some arts and crafts and see how creative you can be?

Volunteer at your local charity shop?

Visit the local library?

Do a random Facebook live and chat to whoever is listening?

Jump on a bus and see where it takes you?

Visit somewhere you have always wanted to go? 

Go into your loft and unearth some treasures?

Look through photo albums and reminisce over happy memories?

Plant some flowers and watch them transform your garden?

Chat to someone you haven't spoken to for a while?

Life is what we make it. We can sit and feel chained to our routine or we can break free and have some fun. 

Which new thing are you going to try this month?



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