Things can be unpredictable!

Well last week was eventful to say the least. We were told on Sunday evening that our son couldn't go to school as there was a positive case in his bubble. We quickly had to face the reality of home schooling; with a full diary of work commitments ahead for the week. Most things had to be cancelled. Then on top of that my hormones went doolally and I was in a lot of pain so had to spend a fair amount of time in bed. It wasn't the best week and it certainly threw all my plans out of the window, and tested our patience and resilience but I am able to reflect back now and appreciate how much time I had to catch up with things that I didn't have time for previously. I could listen to some fantastic webinars that had piled up in my emails and on kajabi while I was in bed, watch with interest while my son learns at home and see his development first hand, think ahead and write my business plan, truly relax and not worry and sleep. Oh did I sleep!

I know this is what I needed. Maybe it was the universe telling me something. A lot of people believe in that and I like to think things happen for a reason. I have been working full out on about 8 different projects and I needed to slow down, and in a way I was forced to do just that. It made me have more clarity and now I am much more focused on what I need to do to progress my future.

At the end of the day did we ever predict a global pandemic would happen? That we wouldn't be able to hug our friends and family, go out for a meal or visit our favourite shops? Our lives have changed so much in the last year and yet we have  learnt to adapt and change our expectations of things. At times I have felt unsettled but once I embraced what I have and what I love then it's wasn't so bad. In all honesty I'm surprised how well I have coped, but I look back and see how I adapted, how I changed and how I found new connections to help me. I think when things are out of our control then we do take a step back and go into survival mode. This is the most important thing to remember, we have survived.

Life keeps us guessing. Who needs predictable anyway?

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Elizabeth Elder

You’re an inspiration and your positivity rubs off on others!, thanks x

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