The great outdoors!

I definitely think living by the sea has made me appreciate things in life much more. I have embraced where I live now after moving just over a year ago and am thankful to still be able to find ways to enjoy my beautiful surroundings. Lockdown is a difficult time for all of us and everyone has their own way to cope with the stresses and strains it is putting on our lives at the moment. I read a great article in my favourite magazine Psychologies recently where it suggested capturing photos of a moment in your day. I mean, what a great idea! I am a very visual person so have decided I am going to make this a new habit so it helps me look back on my week and see what I have achieved, and make it into a yearly collage. I'll look forward to seeing all those images at the end of 2021 thats for sure. The images I have included in this weeks blog are from local places we visited outside last week. Can anyone guess where the red and white lighthouse is based? 

Being outside in nature is now my all time favourite thing to do. My priorities in life seem to be very different to where they were a year ago and thats not such a bad thing at all. I have learnt to slow down and embrace what I have. Don't get me wrong I still have a list as long as my arm of things I want to achieve in 2021 (writing Eddy's next book is one of them of course) but I recognise being outside makes me feel so good and that it is my number one thing for making sure I have the right head space to do the list of things I want to achieve.

I also have some exciting news (which our son does not know about yet). We are getting a puppy. He is currently only 6 weeks old so we have to wait patiently for him for another two weeks. I am bursting at the thought of having him home and also being able to have another good excuse to get outside in the great outdoors.

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