Power of possibility!

This month feels like I need a reset! A new start to focus myself back on track.

Have you ever felt like that? Or even feel like that right now?

2021 has been a challenging year for me, with lots of personal health challenges and the last few months have been particularly difficult. I certainly hadn't expected to be in hospital three times in as many months; with the last visit resulting in spending the night in A&E with concussion. Life does certainly throw curve balls but it is how you deal with them that makes a difference.

It helps me to realise there is a whole lot of possibility in front of me.

GOALS - Go-Onward-Always-Learning-Something

I recognise in myself when I struggle. I don't like to feel unsettled or overwhelmed and I know that sometimes I need some proper time alone to reset myself. I have thankfully been able to have some precious time which helps me to re-balance. I de-junk my head and write down everything I have rattling around inside, as then this makes me feel much more relaxed and focused to achieve.

What helps you to re-balance and settle?

Now I feel determined to achieve my goals of the year. Two months to go and can I do them?! Hell, yes I can! I feel lucky as I have some amazing friends that support me every step of the way. They encourage me to do better and give me some tough love if I am working myself too hard. I also have a fantastic mentor who gives me great advice and encourages me to believe in myself more. 

Do my goals scare me? Yes they do! But I know that if I don't push forward and do what I dream of then I will feel sad and stuck. I have so many ambitions in life.

I also find telling people my goals makes them more of a reality! And it helps me become accountable to achieve them. I am very much a doer but I sometimes want to do too much and I get attracted by all the shiny things around. Then I become unfocused. Can you be a bit like that? Is there something you would like to achieve over the next few months? Want 31st December 2021 to be your deadline? Please tell me more and we can be accountable together. Let's finish the year with a bang!!

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