Mindset is everything!

The power of the mind is something that intrigues me.

What makes one person be able to cope with the most difficult situation where as someone else falls apart at the smallest thing? What makes us find that inner strength and be more resilient?

I'm currently working on a book project called Knocked Sideways. It was an idea I had in May 2020 when I first embarked on my writing journey, which has developed and grown so much over the last year. I searched for contributors to tell their own story and have been privileged to gain insight into many personal journeys. I have been busy editing each chapter over the last few months and I'm just amazed that even though each persons story is so different they all have such determination. I had my first Zoom interview with a contributor last week and her zest for life shone through.

Reading these stories I am now a big believer that if we focus our mind on a positive way forward, then that is what will happen. We are in charge of our destiny. We don't always choose what happens to us but we can choose how we react. We have the ability to overcome anything. Now I'm certainly not saying that we have to walk round with a smile on our face and bounce down the street every day, but there is much to be said for having a positive mindset to help see clearly.

Human beings are fascinating and we seem to cope with things so differently. There can certainly be many factors that give us the ability to deal with things. It can be our influences when we were younger, a hard childhood that made us stand strong, a terrible boss that we refused to be like or many positive role models. We all have unique lives and experiences that can shape us for the future. 

Some days I wake up feeling like I can take on the world and other days I want to hide away and cancel everything. I have shown true resilience in my life and now have a better awareness of what makes me feel better. Yes I allow myself a duvet day but if this turns into a duvet week I know this won't help me long term. I know being outside in nature, allowing myself some quiet time, going for a jog, brain dumping my thoughts and talking to my friends helps support my wellbeing.

Each one of us can work on finding things that help our mindset...what can you do today?



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Dee H

Am going to remind myself life is pretty good, but we have some (big) bumps at the moment. Am going to organise coffee with my Bessie mates before kids finish school next week and have good giggle, and have 20 mins ‘me’ time today to write … or nap :) x

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