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12th April 2021 was a significant date; it was lightly snowing and bitterly cold which was unexpected, but it didn't stop people having their first pint outside. It was busy on the roads, queues everywhere to get into shops and I could definitely feel an air of excitement around, as the first lockdown phase was lifted. It has been great to see happy faces on social media posting as people every where get their hair cut or beard shaved for the first time in 4 months. Small things like this are just so important to people these days and it is just so nice to share the excitement.

I felt this last lockdown was particularly tough, the disappoint of thinking we were all going to have a family Christmas was taken away in the blink of an eye; the dark nights and cold days haven't helped and I think there has just been a sense of 'is this ever going to end' with a sheer desperation for some normality and an urgency to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible.

Yes, I have booked to have my hair done on Friday, but the one thing I am most excited about is seeing my mum. I have not been able to visit her since 15th November 2020, and before that it was window visits only. It has been a long six months and I have watched her health deteriorate in a care home and have felt completely helpless to be able to do anything to make it better for her. I have relied on Zoom calls to talk with her each week, but I have been thankful for this connection and it has certainly been nice to see her laughing more often recently. We have finally been told we can visit her for the first time in 6 months this weekend. That will certainly be a joyous occasion, although I think she is more excited about meeting Dexter our puppy for the first time. I also worry about my dad but I feel less concerned about him as we do have regular contact and chats.

It is wonderful to see people happy again, but there is a definite wariness of not getting too excited too quickly. A lot of friends I talk to are holding back and being cautious. I did go for a wander on Tuesday and visited a few charity shops but it was definitely quieter than what you would expect. It was nice to feel a sense of normality as people chatted in coffee shops and more smiles around as they are able to see their friends and family again. I think we all live in hope that a brighter future is round the corner and as the sun shines, nature blooms and the vaccine program gets into full force there is a sense of relief that 2021 may start to feel more positive again.

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