Knocked Sideways

I certainly have felt a little knocked sideways of late. As soon as one set of bad news came, then two or three other big challenges sprung my way as well. Why does that seem to always happen? It's like the universe is trying to see how much we can cope with, until it levels itself out again. I find it interesting though, that as humans we still focus so much more on the negative than the positive. Even as I write this, I had some fabulous WINS last week where my friends just made me feel positive and undefeated, but I decided to write this blog about the bad stuff. I will let myself off though as the bad stuff helps me appreciate the good stuff so much more. And of course we learn so much when things go wrong to make us better. In truth, this blog is really about the good stuff.

My thought process has changed so much in the last few years, noticeably so in fact. I used to dwell on things for far too long and really eternalise the feelings so everything that went wrong was about me. Since I have started coaching I have certainly learnt how to deal with difficult situations in a better way. I allow myself  time to let go of the feelings of upset and anger with the scenario, sometimes writing them down or journalling helps massively and then my mind already starts to think of solutions and ideas as to how I can overcome things to make them better and more positive again. I have much more bounce back factor for sure, determination to succeed and know there are better things ahead. I also can truly look at what I have achieved and feel proud, and tell myself of that fact several times. I was reminded of this exact thing in a coaching session I had recently. If you focus on the good things that have happened then of course more good things will continue to happen. If you dwell then you feed the negative thoughts and behaviours and then will continue to attract bad things. Don't get me wrong, I still have days where everything feels like hard work and I struggle to find the energy to dust myself off and start again. But I allow those days to happen as that can be part of the healing process. I always know the feeling of 'doom and gloom' doesn't last long now, as I am much more focused on my ambitions and my love of life.

A good title for a book maybe? Funny you say that as Knocked Sideways is a project I am working on with some amazing people, to help tell their real life stories that will give hope and inspiration to others. I am so excited as I already have some first drafts and can't wait to start piecing the chapters together to shape the book. It really want it to make a difference to peoples lives. 

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