I'm not feeling myself!

I have to be honest and say I haven't been feeling myself of late.

I always start a new year with a positive mindset. I know some can struggle with the cold, dark winter months, but I get a boost as I see 1st January as a new beginning with a wealth of opportunity ahead. And it probably helps that I have my birthday to look forward to as well. So, I started with great intention and had loads of new found energy and then BANG, Covid struck and that was me done. 

I can't believe it is now nearly the end of February and I am still recovering. I lack energy and focus and my head continues to spin in lots of different directions. I have loads of exciting things to plan, but everything is jumbled, I bounce from one thing to another and I know full well that isn’t going to get me anywhere fast. So this week I have worked on changing my frame of mind. It has been an effort for sure and I've had to have a few afternoon naps, but I feel like I am going in the right direction.

It's funny as I know exactly what I need to do to make myself feel better, but when you're fighting brain fog and a constant aching body everything feels hard. I take it as a huge WIN when I’ve managed to put my socks on straight to do the school run in the morning.

I gave myself a good talking to on Monday, sat down and brain dumped my head!! OMG, this literally made me feel lighter and more alert with what I need to focus on. I then started to plan my time for the next two weeks as this always helps me manage workload and family life to find the right balance. I know the advice in the bestselling book by Brian Tracey 'Eat That Frog' is to 'get the big things done first', but I cope much better when I declutter my brain and do the little things that are annoying me, as then I find I can focus much more on the big things and am able to be super productive. Of course I know there will always be little things to do and if we only ever focused on them then we would never get anything done as we would be distracted every day. But I like to tickle a bit to calm my mind. Can you relate?

I also read an interesting article in Psychologies magazine this week, by Journalist Vee Sey, where she talked about the pandemic having 'reduced many of us to shadows of our self-assured selves'. This resonated with me soooo much! She describes it so well. Our lives have had to adapt beyond belief and all routine has gone out the window. 'Normal' is preparing for a Zoom call and maybe putting some make-up on and changing out of a hoody to look like your half awake. The world is opening up again and I personally feel a little vulnerable all of a sudden. And this may also be affecting how I am feeling deep inside. But thats ok. As I know the majority of the human race feel exactly the same.

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Richard Thomas

Don’t be hard on yoursel Sarah. Remember, when you do the little things, you have already done the big thing – you’ve decluttered your brain. That in itself is a huge achievement as we can often avoid doing that for fear of what we find it learn about ourselves. Well done you…

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