Wow! I started writing this newsletter in mid July but left it hanging...nearly two months on I feel it is a good time to jump back in. It is still relevant to how I am feeling, even more so after my surgery.

Remember the fabulous 80's game - frustration!!! I used to love it but I have no idea why. It was like a game that you would start that could go on forever and drive you slightly bonkers after a while!! Have you ever been frustrated? Do you feel frustrated right now? It can be a huge pain in the arse and can get us into a place which is bad for our own wellbeing. I have been there a lot recently. My head is full of amazing ideas and I have tons of things I want to achieve and accomplish this year, but my body keeps telling me no, no, no! I was excited for my operation on the 6th August and was hoping it would fix me, but sadly I now know there are a few more hurdles to jump.

On a positive note I had felt it was time to step back and take the opportunity to switch off, read and rest but now I’m itching to get back on track. I also know the most important thing right now is fixing me so I can do all the things that are buzzing round in my head! So this is my driver to keep me going and make me feel less frustrated. Being in pain makes me hugely negative!! But I am glad that I see this and know that if I ride the storm and also do the things that help me relax then this feeling will go away. More recently I felt I had lost focus and this put me on a downward spiral, but I realised this week that I am starting to feel better. Life doesn't always go to plan. Things get in the way and sometimes we have to go in a different direction or slow down entirely to move forward.

Things that help me get me out of frustration mode:

  • stopping - actually assessing where I am now and what I CAN do
  • journalling - get those emotions out and brain dump my scrambled brain
  • take stock - know where I am now and what I CAN do
  • assess diary - stop overloading myself with 101 things and slow down
  • schedule in fun - this is so important - all work and no play is not good
  • remember - life is not a race - I don't have to do everything at once!
  • job hunting - stop it as I'm not in the right space health wise, so no point
  • decluttering - it is one of my absolute fav things! 
  • reading - I can love it and have a book on the go every day
  • grateful - make sure I focus on what happiness I have in my life
  • routine - I realise how important this is for my daily life
  • water - a healthy step to help clear my mind and give me clarity

What can you do to make yourself feel less frustrated this week?

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