Flamingo Facts

I have loved Flamingos ever since I first visited Orlando, Florida in 2010. When we visited Seaworld for the first time we managed to catch them stretching their legs on their morning walk with the keepers which was a wow moment. I was also lucky enough to take a coach trip to Busch Gardens and be allowed to hold one as the photo of the day. I was a little nervous due to their large hooked beaks but I didn't need to be worried. The flamingo was calm and just allowed me to hold its body while I posed for the photo. It was a special moment indeed.

I have learnt many fun facts about flamingos so I thought I would share them:

  • A group of flamingos is called a Flamboyance 
  • The word flamingo comes from the Spanish Latin 'flamenco' meaning fire
  • There are only six flamingo species in the world (Greater, Caribbean, Chilean, Andean, James' and Lesser Flamingo)
  • Flamingos are born grey and take up to three years to mature to pink
  • They love shrimp and this is what makes them their beautiful colour
  • Flamingo egg yolks can sometimes be pink
  • They are monogamous and stay with their one true love
  • They have a fabulous mating ritual and show off their dancing moves
  • Generally only one chick is hatched each year
  • No one knows why they stand on one leg
  • Flamingos can fly 10,000-15,000 feet in the air
  • They can live to the grand old age of 40, which is good for bird years
  • The famous flamingo lawn ornament was invented in 1957

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