Book launch - Eddy flies the nest!

This whole week has been a complete blessing. My book was officially launched on Monday 14th December and it started arriving on people's doorsteps. As a first time author I was a little apprehensive as it was like releasing my precious one out into the big wide world. Would people enjoy it? Would children like the characters?

I have had many supportive messages. Seeing photos of children reading my book and getting amazing comments made it such a reality and I came to the realisation I had managed to bring this gift into these children's lives. To hear children say, 'Eddy is like me' and, 'I want to look after Eddy' melted my heart as it means children are connecting and understand the meaning within my book. More than anything I wanted children to love the characters and want to read the story again and again. I was even told today 'it should be made into a programme like Stickman and The Gruffalo'. I mean wow! That would be my ultimate dream. Maybe I could be on the same shelf as Julia Donaldson one day?

I launched the soft-back version of my book on Amazon yesterday as well. I have noticed from feedback I have been getting that many people prefer hard backs but I wanted to make sure my book was far reaching, so it could target a wider audience. I have great ambitions for my book. I am delighted how successful Eddy Finds a Family has been already and I can certainly see the need for more books like this within the adoption community. I would love nothing more than for my book to go mainstream and for me to walk past and see it in a shop. Here is to a hopeful 2021 - I have many plans and will certainly include you all in them. 



Andree Currie

Loving your website Sarah. Good luck with the book sales. Id love a hardback if /when they become available. Willing to pay more for a signed copy with dedication if that’s possible.
Wishing you all the very best. You deserve it.
Andree x

Ms Yoni B Ejo
I really look forward to reading this book. I work with adopters and foster carers providing training and advice. Including around diversity and inclusion. So I think this will be a useful book.

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