Hello! I'm back

I can't believe a whole month has flashed before my eyes. I've been taking a well earnt break and decided to slow myself right down and focus on me for a while. We had a wonderful family holiday at the end of May; we didn't go far but it was just nice to get away and relax with no pressure, meetings or deadlines to think about. We played, explored, laughed and just had fun. Simple things are special.

It has taken me some time but I now recognise in myself that my head seems to want to go at hundred miles an hour but my body doesn't always feel up to it. I do have a few health concerns at the moment with surgery looming in early August, so I'm being careful not to overload myself. The most important thing for me is to balance my life and make sure I don't burn out. I am a planner by nature and do like to feel in control and organised but sometimes I go OTT and plan too much. 

Do you recognise this in yourself too?

I have been much better at planning my life into me days, stuff days and work days. The weekends are precious so this is protected family time, and then generally I work three days of the week and then factor in everything else around it. I know not everyone has the luxury of working the days they want but finding a balance is so important. I am also prioritising reading and fitness much more.

What things could you do to manage your time better?

I do have a few exciting updates. I launched my latest book last week called Eddy Loves The Seaside which is free to download via my website, I have edited over 25 stories for Knocked Sideways (a new book I am creating) and have arranged to interview all the contributors over the next few months and I'm pleased to say the next in my book series Eddy Feels at Home has been written and my wonderful illustrator Jenn is now bringing the ideas to life and starting to work on a story board. 

Reading this you may say - and she said she was resting? A lot of this has been work in progress over many, many months and they have just all come together at once. Books do take time to develop and I have a plan for both of my book projects so they don't overlap. Eddy's next book will be released in November 2021 and Knocked Sideways will take a little more time to develop so it will be launched in May 2022 (and I am thrilled that Michael Heppell will be hosting my book launch for me).

My philosophy in life is to make time to enjoy moments. Since January I have made the promise to myself that each day I will have a photo that represents that day and then I make this into a weekly collage. I am sticking to my word. These are some of the moments I have enjoyed in June:

  • Read the Midnight Library by Matt Haig
  • Enjoyed Memories From The End Of The Line by Richard Thomas
  • Binged watched the Bates Motel Series
  • Kayaked on Arun river (near Arundel Castle)
  • Out Out with my husband on a real life date to a restaurant
  • Went on a walking tour of Brighton
  • Joined the Write That Book Pop Up Group and Masterclass
  • Gave my mum a copy of Eddy Finds a Family

I think it is always important to be grateful for what I have and make sure as a family we talk about this over dinner or before bedtime. What are you grateful for today?



Richard Thomas

Hey thanks for the shout out and glad you enjoyed my book.

And good that you’re planning ‘you’ time. It’s so vitally essential…

Deborah Bias

I love it Sarah!!! Keeping your life in balance is so important! And remaining grateful for all we’ve been given.
Blessings from Florida!!!😊❤️🇺🇸

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