I have realised I need accountability to get things done! Don't get me wrong, I have always been a doer; often described as tenacious and a completer finisher at work and then a social butterfly by my friends. I have always enjoyed arranging things and being a 'project manager' of events happening whether that be work or play. I love co-ordinating things and helping others as this makes me feel I am achieving great results. As life ticks on I understand more and more that these two things are what fulfils me the most. I also know that some of the BIG things I have done in my life have scared me, and I have tried to swerve away from them to stay within my comfort zone. But ultimately this behaviour holds me back and doesn't help me be the person I really want to be.

Anyone relate to that feeling? The self-doubt kicks in and I can hear my negative chatter having a field day with my emotions and making me believe that I must stay in my safe place.

No, No, No!! I told myself a few years ago that if I want to achieve something then it's up to me to make sure that happens. Don't get me wrong, life can get in the way but we can all make excuses for talking about things and not actually doing anything about them. I would never have completed Shaun T's Insanity program if it was not for people around me that held me accountable, that were on the same journey and encouraged me to succeed. On days when I did not feel like working out they told me I could do it and motivated me to want to be better. I would not have written a book if it was not for the amazing budding authors that shared the same experience, gave me feedback, built my confidence and made me want to fulfil a dream. I was determined. I even gave up sugar and alcohol in November for Dementia to support my mum. This was so difficult and at the time I thought I was never ever going to be able to achieve it, but because people put their faith in me and pledged sponsorship I did it. Since then I have found it difficult to continue with good habits  and now I understand why - I have no real incentive to do it. No driver to keep me going.

Things still do scare me but I take risks and make decisions to push me forward. If I am uncomfortable then I go slower but I still do it. I never dreamed I would be a successful author and now I am. 

If you want to make a change then do something different with your life.

Achieve something you have always wanted, unleash your dream, find something that makes you more fulfilled, make steps towards a life long ambition - decide what you would like to do, then tell someone and make yourself accountable! It makes a huge difference! Good luck.

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